Spot the Difference

I Love Shopping - Spot the Difference Picture Puzzles

Stroll through the shopping mall, sidewalk sales and boutique stores as you test your powers of observation in this fun and brain engaging book!

Can you spot the shoes and handbags that are different?

Take a trip shopping and see how many differences you can find!

Contains 430 differences throughout this full color book

Makes a great gift for all shopping lovers!

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  • Size: 8.5 x 11 in
  • Interior: Full color
  • Cover: Paperback, glossy

Customer Reviews

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I love shopping and I love 'Find the differences' books

This book was very good. It wasn't too hard. I have other 'find the differences' books, and they have easy to genius activities. Those books are ok, but this book allows you to see shopping experiences in a different way, along with challenging your mind, but not so hard that you don't enjoy it. This book is just enough to hold your interest and make it hard to put the book down.